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Sentinel Midstream Texas

Sentinel Midstream Texas (“Sentinel”) was formed for the purpose of investing in pipelines, terminals and related midstream infrastructure along the Texas Gulf Coast. Sentinel is also pursuing opportunities to build, acquire and optimize midstream infrastructure in its core operating area. Sentinel has a results-oriented management team with a proven track record of maximizing value while maintaining its core values and environmental stewardship.

Enercoast Midstream

Enercoast Midstream (“Enercoast”) is a joint venture between Sentinel and ExxonMobil Pipeline Company that owns and operates crude oil pipelines in the Houston, TX area providing direct refining and export dock access. Sentinel operates and owns a majority interest in Enercoast with a growth plan that consists of strategic expansions to provide further value for shippers.

  • Asset Overview: Approximately 20 miles of 16” pipeline from Webster Terminal to ExxonMobil Baytown Refinery and Seabrook export terminal and approximately 10 miles of 20” pipeline from Moore Rd Junction to ExxonMobil Baytown Refinery area
  • Common Carrier: Is a common carrier pipeline with publicly posted FERC and Texas Railroad Commission tariffs offering competitive contracted and walk-up rates for shippers
  • Crude Grades: Multiple crude oil grades offerings including WTI, Gulf of Mexico medium sour, Canadian heavy, as well as other crude grades
  • Storage: Access to approximately 3 MMbbl of existing storage at Webster Terminal
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16″ Pipeline


  • Crude oil is received at Webster Terminal from multiple 3rd party pipeline systems including the 36” Wink-to-Webster pipeline, Genesis, Seaway, and an ExxonMobil 24” pipeline from Genoa Junction with access to receive barrels from Enterprise, Magellan, KMCC and Converge


  • ExxonMobil Baytown Refinery: 584,000 BPD capacity
  •  Seabrook:
    – Deliver directly to Seabrook via a direct connection at Choate Rd Junction
    – Up to 700,000 BPD of export capacity with capability to load Aframax and Suezmax tankers

Pipeline Capacity: 270,000 BPD

20″ Pipeline


  • The Moore Rd Junction to ExxonMobil Baytown Refinery area 20” pipeline is capable of flowing bi-directional and well positioned for connectivity to multiple 3rd party pipelines at Moore Rd Junction

Pipeline Capacity: 270,000 BPD


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