Current Projects

Texas GulfLink Deepwater Port

Sentinel Midstream, through subsidiary Texas GulfLink, is developing a crude oil deepwater export terminal off the Texas Gulf Coast.  Texas GulfLink will have the ability to safely load Very Large Crude Carriers (“VLCCs”) to export crude oil to the global market.  Texas GulfLink will receive crude oil via an onshore crude pipeline from the Houston market into above ground crude oil storage tanks, which will be located near Jones Creek, Texas. The oil will be transported via a 42” pipeline to one of two floating Single Point Mooring (“SPM”) buoys in the Gulf of Mexico, approximately 32 miles offshore from Freeport, Texas.

The SPM buoys will allow VLCCs and other crude oil tankers to moor and receive up to two million barrels of crude at an annual nominal capacity rate of 1.2 million barrels of crude per day. A manned offshore platform, equipped with round-the-clock port monitoring, custody transfer metering, and surge relief will provide assurance that shippers’ commercial risks are mitigated.  In addition, the manned platform will enhance safety, environmental oversight and security.

Texas GulfLink submitted an application for a deepwater port license to the United States Maritime Administration and Coast Guard on May 30, 2019.